Career Summary

Professionally, I’m a design leader with deep experience designing and building products, teams, and companies. My two decades-long career has spanned design, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and back to design. Over the past decade I’ve led product design at EverTrue, Poached Jobs, dlvr.it, and Janrain.

At Work

I’m passionate about using software and design to make the world a better place. I excel when tackling large problems, designing systems, simplifying complexity, and turning ambiguity into clarity. I enjoy challenging the status quo, building and equipping teams, and improving processes and the employee experience.

Beyond Work

I’m a generalist and a lifelong learner. I enjoy writing, photography, rock climbing, and outdoor adventure. I have represented various outdoor brands over the years, and supported organizations protecting nature, advancing sustainability, and solving the climate crisis.

I’ve lived all over the west, including three years on the road with my family, as digital nomads. I’m currently based in the lush desert of Tucson with my wife, a teenage son, and two dogs.