Hi, I'm Gabe

I’m a Senior Product Designer with a 10-year track record shipping quality products used by millions of people. I work cross-functionally on both product strategy & execution. I’m passionate about crafting the words and experiences that make a product, delivering value to customers, and using evidence to inform designs and drive growth.

Featured Work


Moving Business Metrics Through Design

Principal Product Designer @ Poached (2016 - 2020)

My job is to deliver software that meets the hiring and job hunting needs of the food & drink industry. I designed and optimized flows to improve the experience for both users while increasing conversion rates by as much as 59%.

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Cross-Channel Experiences

Solving for the Customer with Cross-Channel Experiences

Principal Product Designer @ Poached (2016 - 2020)

I redesigned the interview scheduling process to meet the needs of both restaurants and workers and increased scheduling by 1,300%. Don’t miss the design walk-through at the end of this deeper dive.

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Savings Goals

Helping Consumers Save Money

Freelance Product Designer (2019)

I designed a prototype to explore a product concept for a credit union and worked with a researcher to uncover key findings around people’s feelings about savings goals and interest rates.

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Automating Social Media for Business

Senior Product Designer @ dlvr.it (2013-2016)

I partnered with the founder & CEO to reimagine the successful SaaS and worked with engineering to ship a new product that handles 5,000,000 daily posts for nearly 2 million publishers.

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More Work


Onboarding Users & Visualizing Big Data

UX Manager @ Janrain (2009-2013)

I managed the design practice and hired a UX team during a high-growth phase. I worked with Google Et al on defining best practices in social login, and created products for enterprise customers to manage profile data for millions of users.

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Mozilla Report

How 28,000 Developers Feel About the Web

Freelance Designer (2019)

I designed the report layout, icon set, and data visualizations for a Mozilla sponsored survey of more than 28,000 developers and designers from 169 countries to help understand their pain points, wants, and needs.

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Freelance Designer (2018)

I designed and protoyped an iOS app for theCrag.com. I started by documenting how rock climbers want to interact with an app on their phone at the cliff. Using that framework I created a people-centered design that would help climbers optimize their time out climbing.