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Automating Social Media for Business

My job at dlvri.it was to reimagine the product for the new era of social media. The job-to-be-done is for marketers, publishers, and businesses to get more out of social media in less time — set social media on auto-pilot and go on vacation. I redesigned the entire product over a couple of years, and the work I did is still much of what nearly two million customers use to share 5,000,000 daily posts.

Selected Projects

Designing Onboarding

I use a conversational design approach in much of my work. One of my favorite tools is to start by writing out a conversation between the user and the product. In this case I wrote out several ways the onboarding process could unfold. Then I sketched out user flows and made wireframes of the primary steps to prototype the onboarding process.

Conversational design scenarios Conversational Design User flows and wireframes User Flows

Selling the Product

The objective of this page is to convey how the product works to would-be customers while showing features, and highlighting the benefits and value. I sketched out some concepts and then designed several versions to test.

Sketch and visual design Learn More Sketch Design concepts Learn More

Telling Stories with Data

This feature provides intelligence and insights about how an article or piece of content performed across the web. I designed the graphs to tell the story of how traffic quickly trails off over time. Other stories include the regions and sites where the content was popular, and the demographics the piece resonated with.

How views trail off over time Views Audience Demographics Audience


I worked with the engineering team to ship the new version of dlvr.it in 2016, which helps over a million people spend more time away from their desks.

Helping over one million people spend more time away from their desks

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