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Learning Financial Behaviors Through Prototyping

My Role

Sole Product Designer (2019)
Partnered with a researcher and worked with a team of stakeholders

Skills Used

Prototyping, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Mobile Design, Information Architecture, Contextual Interviews, Report Design


I partnered with a researcher and project manager to test a new product concept for a credit union. As a team of two, we met regularly with our stakeholders. I designed and built a prototype and worked with my partner to conduct interviews and document our findings.

Goals for the Product Concept

  1. Attract and retain dollars from members by encouraging them to save.
  2. Teach financially healthy behaviors to increase loyalty in the future.
  3. Attract new members with an enticing experience.

What We Wanted to Learn

We'll use a prototype to answer questions that would provide direction for the product.

The Prototype

I designed an app that was realistic but simple and unbranded, with just enough screens to conduct user testing and interview sessions. During the design process, I came up with additional questions we could answer, such as whether people show interest in competing with or encouraging their friends to hit a savings goal.

One of the two flows we tested

What We Learned

We conducted interviews with a dozen participants. The first half of each interview focused on general behaviors around saving money, and the second half on their reaction to the prototype. I created a visualization to help tell the story of one of the key findings: The less financially sophisticated the person was, the more satisfied they were with the interest rates. A lack of financial sophistication also correlated with how much a product like this would benefit them.

How our participants reacted Reactions

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