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Helping Enterprise Customers Manage User Data

UX Manager @ Janrain (2009-2013)

I started at Janrain as the first designer in an early-stage startup. I then hired and managed a team to support a rapidly growing engineering organization. In 2019 Janrain was purchased for $125M.

Enterprise Data Viz

I worked with my team to design tools that helped our customers with the complex tasks required to manage integrations with our products and APIs. We helped them follow best practices when onboarding their users, and then store and manage their user data in our cloud product. The most interesting work was making their data actionable by surfacing what their user’s social profiles told them about their users.

Defining Best Practices

I worked with industry partners like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to establish best practices in registration & login at a time when social login was new. We worked on hard design problems like the fact that a returning user often doesn't remember which social account they previously used on a website. I also contributed to specifications for the OpenID Foundation.

Navigation Design

I developed the information architecture and designed our multi-product navigation system. This work fed into the design system that my team built and maintained.

Navigation Design

Managing API Access

This screen is part of the developer integration tools. Devs use this to configure API clients across multiple properties and control permissions for API access.

API Clients

Customer Dashboard

I led the design of our enterprise customer dashboard which allowed technical users to manage their integrations with several products across multiple properties, configure login and sharing widgets, connect providers, access APIs, and see an overview of system status and usage.

Property Overview


I designed this analytics view to provide customers with insights into how their social identity providers (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter) are performing. It answers questions about which providers their users prefer to sign in with and which users are more likely to share their content on social media, so they can improve experiences and increase conversions.


Profile Segmentation

I designed this data visualization tool to help customers explore their user's data. By browsing the data in a visual interface built on parallel sets, they are more easily able to figure out what data is available, discover new ways to segment users, and uncover stories found in their data.

Data Explorer

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